Thursday, June 2, 2016

Room for Rent at Uptown, No. 1, SS 21/18

So I shifted into my new place, again. With only 3 months in the previous place. Mom was encouraging me to shift to live in a normal, non-partition room as mommy says my previous room's feng shui was bad bad bad. So I heeded mommy's advice and went on a lookout for a better room immediately.

I have been staying here for 3 weeks now. So far so good. I was supposed to take the room downstairs but I changed my mind and took the one upstairs instead. This place is owned by a retired lady. Since she is trying to let the room downstairs, I decided to put an ad at ibilik out of my willingness since she only puts a notice at the gate. By writing the ad, I get to play with my English, yay! It has been long since I last wrote for leisure.

This was what I put up at ibilik,, and definitely feeling happy thereafter:

Uptown, No 1, SS 21/18

Posted by suejeanw on 02-Jun 2016


Do you wish to live in a gated & guarded corner house homestay with a retired lady and 4 affable lady tenants where you will be guaranteed a cosy home and a cooling medium room even without the air-cond thanks to the plants in the compound?
With just 5 minutes walk to uptown (highly recommended if you are working there; think waking up at 0800 and reaching home with zero jam) and the convenience of the availability of the Rapid bus to KL Central, Taman bahagia LRT. One Utama etc, this is where you should be considering to live in!
Think no further! Do drop by and have a look then decide thereafter!
And here comes the deets of your potential cubicle:
Downstairs room with sliding door beside the living room (feel free to watch spongebob on the TV)
Comes with ceiling fan, mattress, wardrobe, cabinet, table, chair (and any extra things we have in the house to spare you)
Toilet in the kitchen (10 steps away from your room)
RM400 inclusive of utility, excluding internet (would be great if you would share with us!)
High-speed unifi @ RM30 per pax (optional, but highly recommended)
Immediate availability (next week? sure!)
2 months deposits (400 x 2 = 800)
2 months notice (sorry for the longer than normal period. teehee)
View to appreciate, really!
Weekdays 2000-2200
Weekends 0800-1200 (any other timing can be arranged according so buzz me!)
Feel free to whatsapp me at 0172291731. Thank you for reading. Cheers! =)

Sunday, March 6, 2016

My new place at SS 21, Damansara Utama

It has been three weeks since I moved into my new rented place. Hence, there are a few things which I would like to share about my new cubicle.

What I like about this place is that it is just a stone's throw away from my workplace which enables me to walk to and fro work. Mornings have been nice to me thus far but there were two evenings where I came home with soaked shoes thanks to the heavy downpour. Besides, this place is quite clean compared to other houses which I have viewed. My top priority is undoubtedly cleanliness. It has some basic fittings so I need not spend on getting myself a mattress. House mates are nice and they are all ladies with four of us working in uptown except for one in Merchant square. With RM430 a month which include utility, I bet this is rather a good deal in PJ prime area. However, this room of mine doesn't come with air conditioner. Since my room is partitioned plus the only window I have is facing the staircase, I do not have the privilege of opening the window to savour fresh air. And it gets pretty hot when my neighbours do not turn on the air cond. Such scenario when I just shifted in during CNY week when I was home alone. So hot I couldn't sleep well.

I didn't like it that I can't cook over here as there is no proper kitchen here. It is just like a pantry in offices. How come, you may ask? For your information, 5 of us are all staying upstairs. We have no access to the entire area downstairs as it is partitioned for the usage of the owner only I suppose but she is in Korea so I have no idea why would she do that. Additionally, there is no water filter. So the only solution was to bring home water from work with empty bottles. I make sure I have enough supply when the weekend approach. Thanks to One Utama for free water dispenser, too. Besides, I feel like I am staying in a hostel as no visitor is allowed else we will be fined RM100. I needed a room so I just agree to it. Minimum 6 months tenancy by the way. Earlier I could shift out will be end of July. Shall see how it goes.

All in all, it is quite a nice place to stay. If only Malaysia temperature is lower then it would all be perfect. What happened to the news about lower temperature in Malaysia? False hope it was.

PS Cockroach appeared in my room today. 

Friday, February 26, 2016


So much so that I want to stay in a better house with a kitchen so that I could cook, I am grateful for a clean place to stay and it is within walking distance to my workplace.

So much so that I want to be in a bigger company with more benefits, I am grateful for being able to leave work on time almost everyday and have some me-time after work.

So much so that I wish to have more income, I am grateful for mom and dad who are always there for me whenever I need them.

So much so that I wish to spend more time with my loved ones, I am grateful for staying not too far apart from them.

So much so that I wish to eat good food everyday, I am counting my blessing on every meals I have.

So much so that I wish to be a millionaire one day, I am grateful to be able to save before I spend. And so they said, it is not how much we earn but how much we save.

I have so much hope and expectation of myself. I wanted more income. But then I thought to myself, am I enjoying my life? Restricting myself from many things so that I could be on track.

I have no fear of missing out. I don't mind eating my plain oats everyday. But sometimes, I just feel that there is something missing in my life which I have no idea what is it. I have my job. I have my family and friends. I have a car. I have a shelter even though it is rented. I tried to save as much as I could. But yet, there is something missing. Is it the social life that is missing? Or is it that the once reading habit is missing?

I used to read and engrossed into the world of fiction. I do admit that technology has taken its toll on my life. Day and night I scroll my phone. Day and night I checkout instagram pictures.

Perhaps I should take a week off my phone and do something else to improve my life. It is now or never. So I guess it is time to find out what's missing in my life.

Thursday, February 18, 2016


Motivation came running after me today when it poured while I was at the park so I ran home!

Cooked fish maw and fatt choy for the first time for lunch today at the office. It was a peaceful day as most of them have gone to Saigon for company trip. A few of us didn't go as we, new comers, would have to pay 70% for the trip. Next year I shall be able to go for holidays under company's expense yay! *Looking forward*

Giving myself a pat on the back as today marks the fourth consecutive day I spent my evening after work at the park trying to run 5 full rounds and did some other workouts thereafter. Although it rained today and I wasn't done with my exercise yet, I did it in the compound under the shelter. Never felt so satisfying after a good sweat. And no unhealthy snacks today. Surprise I was quite satisfied with my almonds today.

Another day of work and it is the weekend already! Gonna make tomorrow count!


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Happy Jean

Dear diary,

Today is Wednesday. Little did I know that the weekend is just two weekdays away. And today is the third day of work since Chinese New Year break. Work is as usual. But after all the non-stop eating during the past week, I am constantly hungry in the office and always on the lookout for snacks. Salty snacks. Yes. My almonds can't seem to make me satisfy. Bakua from Jo on the first day of work plus hoi kung lunch by our beloved bosses at Annie 1 cafe. Then on Tuesdays, we had Sabah snacks from Angie and today I had the same snacks from her. I tried to resist but I still gave in eventually. Oh well, seems like it is gonna be another CNY week for me. Teehee.

Okay. So what makes me happy today. To leave work on time and to spend time at the park are what make me happy on weekdays. Both which I have done for three consecutive days post CNY. Yay! But what made me happier on Monday were when I received angpows from bosses and colleagues and when my bosses instructed me to join them for lunch. I rarely go out for lunch as I usually diy in the office to save cost. Most of the days were oats. Pre-CNY, to be precise. Fast and easy plus I don't really like sweating. I leave the office, I sweat.

Sometimes, it is not about which company we are working in but it is the environment and the people whom we work with are all that matter. I am happy with where I am now. I know that three months is too short for me to say that but I have no regrets rejecting IBM. Well, truth to be told, one of the reasons why I chose to stay in my current company was so that I won't be a bad person who would leave the company after being treated exceptionally well by the bosses. Bosses who went beyond their limits and offered me a place to stay nearby the office so that I could walk to and fro work and not waste time in the jam. It is always the little things people do that touches my heart. It is the little things which I think I wouldn't have deserved but they grant it to me anyway. And they made me continue to have faith in human kindness. I can't wait to receive my confirmation this month end and hopefully I will get a pay rise! Keeping fingers crossed!

Till then.


Friday, November 1, 2013

Maybank Debit Advice RM8

By paying the debit advice of RM8 annually, Maybank debit cardholders are entitled to unlimited monthly withdrawal without additional charges. This fee is applicable automatically to customers who open a Maybank account and apply for a debit card as the officers would never ask you regarding this matter unless you brought it up then you would have a choice whether to subscribe to it or not. If the unlimited monthly withdrawal is not applicable, you are limited to a maximum number of four times monthly withdrawal via the ATMs and fifty cents would be charged for the fifth withdrawal onwards.

Hence, if you think you do not withdraw more than five times a month, then it would be advisable to unsubscribe to such offer. In order to do so, you would need to fill in a form at the branch where you opened your Maybank account. Yup, you read it right. Only at the branch where you opened your bank account and not any other branch. I have unknowingly subscribed to it for three years now. Gonna unsubscribe it once I get back to Ipoh. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

No shopping for a month

I survived August with no shopping at all. When I said shopping, I meant no purchase of any fashion-related products eg. apparels, bags, accessories, and footwear. I think these are my major weakness as compared to food. However, I can't take off expenses on slightly above average food ie. above RM10 per meal. I guess food are my better friends than fashion stuffs. I can't live without better-than-average food. Sometimes, I would just have hawker food but those do not come cheap in KL. Ikan bakar is a hawker food but it could cost up to RM17 per fish while chicken and char siew would cost up to RM16. Being a person who often skip the carb and just munch on protein, that's the price that I have to pay for. Well, unless they sell brown rice, I would never take white rice whenever I am out. Oh well, there is an exception for nasi lemak though. Teehee.

I have always wanted to get a pair of better ballerina flats or loafer but I am thankful that I didn't end up buying whenever I was at Jelly Bunny and even though they have massive sales of up to 70%. And I have always been thinking of Sketchers and Birkenstock. Tried some and liked them but well, so long as I can live without any, I will not make any purchase.

Therefore, for the month of September, I hope to cut out desserts eg. cakes, ice-cream, popcorns, mochi, durian puffs and drinks eg chatime, starbucks. But I would probably savour a piece of cake for once as the boyfriend's birthday is in the month of September. Yay! Besides, I have been having salmon and seaweed once a month in July and August after coming back from Australia. Hence, I would now put it to a stop as seaweed and salmon don't come cheap as they are well-known for their nutritional value. So, I would be having sweet potatoes, brocolli, eggplant, eggs, and chicken breast for lunch most of the days as well as dinner unless I am having dinner with the boyfriend. Having the best of both world!

Wishing myself a good month ahead with all the assignments, presentation, and midterm coming up!

Friday, August 2, 2013

30x30 Challenge

For the month of August, I decided to throw myself into running daily. For the next 30 days, I would be running 30 minutes a day apart from eating consciously. 

Day two was good and I hope that I would be able to keep this going throughout August. Yes, I can!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Plan B, Ipoh

Hope to experience better food quality and customer service the next time I visit it. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Shorts + Skirt = Skort

Stumbled upon this beautiful piece at Zara, Bangsar Village.

I have seen this kind of skort at various fashion blogs. It is one of the must haves items today. It comes in black, white, and orange. 

Look at how beautiful it is! Irresistible much!

It is retailed at RM149.90. If you are interested, do check it out at any Zara outlet. Happy midweek!

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