Thursday, June 2, 2016

Room for Rent at Uptown, No. 1, SS 21/18

So I shifted into my new place, again. With only 3 months in the previous place. Mom was encouraging me to shift to live in a normal, non-partition room as mommy says my previous room's feng shui was bad bad bad. So I heeded mommy's advice and went on a lookout for a better room immediately.

I have been staying here for 3 weeks now. So far so good. I was supposed to take the room downstairs but I changed my mind and took the one upstairs instead. This place is owned by a retired lady. Since she is trying to let the room downstairs, I decided to put an ad at ibilik out of my willingness since she only puts a notice at the gate. By writing the ad, I get to play with my English, yay! It has been long since I last wrote for leisure.

This was what I put up at ibilik,, and definitely feeling happy thereafter:

Uptown, No 1, SS 21/18

Posted by suejeanw on 02-Jun 2016


Do you wish to live in a gated & guarded corner house homestay with a retired lady and 4 affable lady tenants where you will be guaranteed a cosy home and a cooling medium room even without the air-cond thanks to the plants in the compound?
With just 5 minutes walk to uptown (highly recommended if you are working there; think waking up at 0800 and reaching home with zero jam) and the convenience of the availability of the Rapid bus to KL Central, Taman bahagia LRT. One Utama etc, this is where you should be considering to live in!
Think no further! Do drop by and have a look then decide thereafter!
And here comes the deets of your potential cubicle:
Downstairs room with sliding door beside the living room (feel free to watch spongebob on the TV)
Comes with ceiling fan, mattress, wardrobe, cabinet, table, chair (and any extra things we have in the house to spare you)
Toilet in the kitchen (10 steps away from your room)
RM400 inclusive of utility, excluding internet (would be great if you would share with us!)
High-speed unifi @ RM30 per pax (optional, but highly recommended)
Immediate availability (next week? sure!)
2 months deposits (400 x 2 = 800)
2 months notice (sorry for the longer than normal period. teehee)
View to appreciate, really!
Weekdays 2000-2200
Weekends 0800-1200 (any other timing can be arranged according so buzz me!)
Feel free to whatsapp me at 0172291731. Thank you for reading. Cheers! =)
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