Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Shorts + Skirt = Skort

Stumbled upon this beautiful piece at Zara, Bangsar Village.

I have seen this kind of skort at various fashion blogs. It is one of the must haves items today. It comes in black, white, and orange. 

Look at how beautiful it is! Irresistible much!

It is retailed at RM149.90. If you are interested, do check it out at any Zara outlet. Happy midweek!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Murdoch International

Being in Murdoch University, Perth for just one semester has given me the rare chances to involve myself in something different and meaningful which I would definitely remember them for the rest of my life.

For one, I did a short appearance at the end of the International Students Orientation promo video clip.

Secondly, I did a photoshoot for Murdoch's publications which I have yet to receive any of the soft copies. The publication would be out end of the year and I would be given a free copy. Yay!

Thirdly, I am on the new Murdoch International app! Need I say more? *dancing with my happy feet*

I am proud of myself! I had a good semester in Murdoch University!

Monday, July 22, 2013

My First Paid Photoshoot

Did a photoshoot for Faisal's online boutique. Glad that Adreana asked me about it.

Tried on 15 pieces of apparels. Some designs were just so adorable!

It was Lensalebar's first time shooting a Chinese. Hence, they inquired to have me clad in their company's top and had a short photoshoot session after I have done with my job. And so they have me as Lensalebar's so called ambassador. 

I had a good day!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Next Miss Universe Malaysia 2014

Yup, I was one of the Top 100. But I didn't make the cut to the top 40. Disappointed much. But I am sure I can get over it soon. It is just a matter of time. 

The audition was fun. Guess I didn't do quite well in my Q&A session and that I didn't possess much confidence in me. I can't help that the confidence in me comes naturally by how good I feel about myself. I didn't like the way I look after putting on 5kg in Australia. Oh, my chubby face. 

However, it was, beyond qualms, a good lifetime experience for me at 21 years of age. Looking at the brighter side, at least I got into the Top 100. *giving myself a pat on my back*

When one door closes, another opens. :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Of Malaysians and Malaysia

So much so that I dislike my own country for its safety and corruption, there are pretty nice people around here, apart from its glorious food.

When I said people, I meant strangers. People whom you met on the street, in the bus, sat next to you with a story book in his hand and an umbrella on the other. Yes, I do know that there are some really nasty people around. But at this point of time, let us focus on the good, bright side, shall we?

Having been staying in Australia for the past five months, I have learnt to cross the road using the pedestrian crossing. It is the law in Australia which stated that all drivers are to stop before the pedestrian crossing as long as there is a Samaritan utilizing it. I have difficulties in crossing the road in Malaysia. All the time. Because I just have no idea how to. I was once a happy and naughty kiddo. I used to just run across the road without looking left and right. There was once, the car stopped just in time as the front of the car touched my waist. Lucky me, huh.Totally.

So, I had no difficulties in crossing the road in Australia. Now that I am back in my country, I have to learn to wait patiently at the pedestrian crossing hoping for fewer cars on the road so that I could finally cross. I know that I would feel kinda quirky as there wold no longer be cars stopping before the pedestrian crossing. There used to be cars stopping just before me, watching me taking my own sweet time crossing the road with a lollipop in my mouth and a handbag on the other. Then, I realized, I am back in my beloved country. I had to swallow the truth that the rule doesn't apply in my country

The traffic in front of University LRT station would always be busy. I didn't bother waiting at the pedestrian crossing. So, I walked further down just to save some time and cross the road once I see an opportunity. I almost crossed, but I didn't make it; the car driver suddenly decided to kick the accelerator. Then, I almost crossed and again, but there was a motorist squeezing through the traffic and got in my way. Urgh. Never mind. So, I kept walking and walking down the road. And the traffic was still heavy. And again, I decided to cross, but the coward in me held me back. Suddenly, a beam of light was flashed at me in the daylight. I thought the driver in this light apple green Toyota car was mad at me for intended to cross. But then I saw through the tinted window of his car that he was gesturing me to cross. I crossed without a second thought and thanked him for making my day. If only more drivers could spare few seconds of their time to just let us cross the road.

I boarded the rapid bus in the morning. There were a couple of people standing while holding on to the handler. I spotted a vacant seat and quickly walked towards it and sat on it. As I was leaning on it, this Malay girl next to me swiftly held me and stopped me from leaning backwards. Then, she told me that the seat was wet. How could I be so careless and not see the little pool of water on the seat? She had a choice to not tell me but instead she did it. I was blessed at that split second. Not because I managed to keep myself dry, but because there was this kind girl who has helped me relentlessly. I thank her for the kindness and sat on the seat without leaning onto it. I have got a seat, and had someone made a good deed. She made my day.

Of Malaysians and Malaysia. People could be so nice, while some could be so nasty. Think of the nice people that you have met over here, and you will be blessed to be one of them.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Beggars can't be Choosers

So, I started my work at IPSOS Business Consulting department today where my job includes making calls to various companies in the search of potential partners for our clients. Initially, I thought it would be fun and fine as I wouldn't have problems talking on the phone. But the more phone calls I made and the more uninterested responses I got from those companies, I got demotivated. I thought to myself, talking on the phone using the LAN line makes my ear hurts, and the other parties couldn't hear me well at times perhaps I wasn't speaking too loud as I was in the office with so many people around. Yes, I got even more demotivated. I was asking myself. What am I doing? Perhaps I should find a better job which would provide me with more comfort and easier tasks. However, I thought back to myself. I asked myself, why did I choose to work in the first place? Why did I choose to undergo this kind of working life when I am still a student. Then, the scene where my uncle was telling me about how hard he had to work and studied when he was studying in Newcastle. He even told me that he worked more than he studied. Then, I realized that the main reason why I am doing this is to experience the life of a student in the past. I am aware that no matter how hard I work in this era while studying, that I am still a lucky girl who is blessed to undertake my degree without worrying to making enough money to support my own education. I pondered, the work that I have now would never be as hard as what my uncle has been through. That he used to take more than one job while studying. Money that I earned at the end of the day is the main reward that I yearn for. But at the same time, in the end of my work and study life, I would learn to appreciate the good life I have now even more than before. And that buying everything nice and supposedly must-haves wouldn't be as happy as when you have saved enough for those rainy days in life and spend the excess with your own hard-earned money.

Beggars can't be choosers. When you are given your first job, when it gets sucks, suck it up.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Goodness in salmon

I used to have salmon quite often when I was in Newcastle. It has been a week plus since I came back to Malaysia and had been eating very carefully for the past one week in order to be in my best shape last Saturday for Miss Universe Malaysia audition. Now that it has past and that I was craving for some salmon and seaweed, I got some from AEON (tamago, too!) and happily savoured them as they were fresh! Cravings satisfied, now back to my strict diet and again.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Back to a Student's Way of Life

I am truly blessed to be able to have gone to Murdoch University, Perth and have done my second semester of second year over there. Although my results weren't as good as before but I am glad that I managed to get an average of Credit. I promise myself to aim for HDs for all of my final year units. Enough is enough. Enough of slacking around and playing too much and it's time to make myself proud. I believe the once a straight As girl in me would eventually come back if I were to put in 100% in my studies and play whenever I need a break. Forget about what my results are for the past two years. What is crucial in front of me now is my final year. After this, there wouldn't be any chance for me to turn back time. I have to prove to my future employers that if I put my heart into doing things, I can do it. Read more, do more, revise more, facebook less. Yup, I have to .

Apart from focusing in my studies, I decided to change my spending habit. I would now spend on only what is necessary. My 5 months of holidays in Perth have made my parents poorer by RM30k which equates to half of my total tuition fee. Hence, I would now cook my own meals, get mom's yoga mat from Ipoh and workout in my room instead of hitting the gym, and work as a part time survey officer at IPSOS. I didn't manage to get a descent job in Perth and that's where the money was good. However, like what my uncle said, if you really need the money, just do it regardless of how much you get paid for. That was more than an advise. I am going to live the life of an old-school student where students back in those days needed to work their ass out to earn a living apart from studying and they used to work more than they have ever studied. These are the two major changes that I must make to myself. Challenging my doubts.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fashion Icon: Mirande Kerr

So much so that I am slowly into fashion nowadays, and that I have seen and read many of the fashion blogs, Miranda Kerr has never been out of my sight. Her style could be so simple and decent which makes me adore her so much. She can be dressed up at the simplest yet looked so elegant and chic. Never got tired of looking at her photos over and over again to get some inspiration at the end of every browsing. Besides, she has such pretty dimples and lustrous hair.

Looking classy in a pair of jeans with sequins top and boots.

Baby Flynn!

 Such beautiful smile.

Everlasting love for bodycon skirt

Miranda Kerr, my inspiration x
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