Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Back to a Student's Way of Life

I am truly blessed to be able to have gone to Murdoch University, Perth and have done my second semester of second year over there. Although my results weren't as good as before but I am glad that I managed to get an average of Credit. I promise myself to aim for HDs for all of my final year units. Enough is enough. Enough of slacking around and playing too much and it's time to make myself proud. I believe the once a straight As girl in me would eventually come back if I were to put in 100% in my studies and play whenever I need a break. Forget about what my results are for the past two years. What is crucial in front of me now is my final year. After this, there wouldn't be any chance for me to turn back time. I have to prove to my future employers that if I put my heart into doing things, I can do it. Read more, do more, revise more, facebook less. Yup, I have to .

Apart from focusing in my studies, I decided to change my spending habit. I would now spend on only what is necessary. My 5 months of holidays in Perth have made my parents poorer by RM30k which equates to half of my total tuition fee. Hence, I would now cook my own meals, get mom's yoga mat from Ipoh and workout in my room instead of hitting the gym, and work as a part time survey officer at IPSOS. I didn't manage to get a descent job in Perth and that's where the money was good. However, like what my uncle said, if you really need the money, just do it regardless of how much you get paid for. That was more than an advise. I am going to live the life of an old-school student where students back in those days needed to work their ass out to earn a living apart from studying and they used to work more than they have ever studied. These are the two major changes that I must make to myself. Challenging my doubts.
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