Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Happy Jean

Dear diary,

Today is Wednesday. Little did I know that the weekend is just two weekdays away. And today is the third day of work since Chinese New Year break. Work is as usual. But after all the non-stop eating during the past week, I am constantly hungry in the office and always on the lookout for snacks. Salty snacks. Yes. My almonds can't seem to make me satisfy. Bakua from Jo on the first day of work plus hoi kung lunch by our beloved bosses at Annie 1 cafe. Then on Tuesdays, we had Sabah snacks from Angie and today I had the same snacks from her. I tried to resist but I still gave in eventually. Oh well, seems like it is gonna be another CNY week for me. Teehee.

Okay. So what makes me happy today. To leave work on time and to spend time at the park are what make me happy on weekdays. Both which I have done for three consecutive days post CNY. Yay! But what made me happier on Monday were when I received angpows from bosses and colleagues and when my bosses instructed me to join them for lunch. I rarely go out for lunch as I usually diy in the office to save cost. Most of the days were oats. Pre-CNY, to be precise. Fast and easy plus I don't really like sweating. I leave the office, I sweat.

Sometimes, it is not about which company we are working in but it is the environment and the people whom we work with are all that matter. I am happy with where I am now. I know that three months is too short for me to say that but I have no regrets rejecting IBM. Well, truth to be told, one of the reasons why I chose to stay in my current company was so that I won't be a bad person who would leave the company after being treated exceptionally well by the bosses. Bosses who went beyond their limits and offered me a place to stay nearby the office so that I could walk to and fro work and not waste time in the jam. It is always the little things people do that touches my heart. It is the little things which I think I wouldn't have deserved but they grant it to me anyway. And they made me continue to have faith in human kindness. I can't wait to receive my confirmation this month end and hopefully I will get a pay rise! Keeping fingers crossed!

Till then.

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