Friday, February 26, 2016


So much so that I want to stay in a better house with a kitchen so that I could cook, I am grateful for a clean place to stay and it is within walking distance to my workplace.

So much so that I want to be in a bigger company with more benefits, I am grateful for being able to leave work on time almost everyday and have some me-time after work.

So much so that I wish to have more income, I am grateful for mom and dad who are always there for me whenever I need them.

So much so that I wish to spend more time with my loved ones, I am grateful for staying not too far apart from them.

So much so that I wish to eat good food everyday, I am counting my blessing on every meals I have.

So much so that I wish to be a millionaire one day, I am grateful to be able to save before I spend. And so they said, it is not how much we earn but how much we save.

I have so much hope and expectation of myself. I wanted more income. But then I thought to myself, am I enjoying my life? Restricting myself from many things so that I could be on track.

I have no fear of missing out. I don't mind eating my plain oats everyday. But sometimes, I just feel that there is something missing in my life which I have no idea what is it. I have my job. I have my family and friends. I have a car. I have a shelter even though it is rented. I tried to save as much as I could. But yet, there is something missing. Is it the social life that is missing? Or is it that the once reading habit is missing?

I used to read and engrossed into the world of fiction. I do admit that technology has taken its toll on my life. Day and night I scroll my phone. Day and night I checkout instagram pictures.

Perhaps I should take a week off my phone and do something else to improve my life. It is now or never. So I guess it is time to find out what's missing in my life.
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