Thursday, February 18, 2016


Motivation came running after me today when it poured while I was at the park so I ran home!

Cooked fish maw and fatt choy for the first time for lunch today at the office. It was a peaceful day as most of them have gone to Saigon for company trip. A few of us didn't go as we, new comers, would have to pay 70% for the trip. Next year I shall be able to go for holidays under company's expense yay! *Looking forward*

Giving myself a pat on the back as today marks the fourth consecutive day I spent my evening after work at the park trying to run 5 full rounds and did some other workouts thereafter. Although it rained today and I wasn't done with my exercise yet, I did it in the compound under the shelter. Never felt so satisfying after a good sweat. And no unhealthy snacks today. Surprise I was quite satisfied with my almonds today.

Another day of work and it is the weekend already! Gonna make tomorrow count!

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