Monday, April 11, 2011

Puri Hotel, Malacca

One piece of beautifully restored edifice of Malacca.

When you still have to read from right to left.

One of the popular hotels among foreigners.

Where pineapple tarts, scones, and other yummy pastries can be found here.

We were served with refreshments - pineapple tarts and orange juice, which cost MYR4 per person.

Pretty, colourful flora can be seen in the mini garden.

One of the cafes is just steps away from the garden.

135 years now, beat that.

Swiflets in the house.

This reminds me of Avatar's USB ports.

Mini Baba and Nyoya house.

Cannons in the holes.

When strings are strong.

Even buttons are well utilized in ship-making.

In olden days, screws would suffice.

There are way too many generations of telephones, too many kinds.

Everything used in the past was really enormous, rough.

There's a piano and you can inquire to lay your fingers on it.

Dust-free, no?

Just another adorable statue in the middle of the hall.

Authentic carving and designs, just like the Taj Mahal.

118, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock,
75200 Melaka.

T: 06 282 5588
F: 06 281 5588

Photo-shooting for weddings in Puri Hotel will be charged at MYR100++ per day.


  1. Jean, what a nice and detailed description of the Puri Hotel: how many things, it looks very comfortable. Beautiful series!
    Happy Monday!

  2. That always confused Bananaz to read the Chinese words left to right or right to left. Wow nice pixz of the Malaccan connection love them. Btw which is the new official spelling for Malacca or Melaka? tQ

  3. Looks like a nice place. I hope someone will not pick up the bird's nest. And I wonder why the birds chose to stay there.

    The pineapple tart? I like...I shall go buy it now.

  4. They let you take photos for free?

  5. Nice place to take photos!

  6. you must have spent a lot of time there, taking those photos. very nice!

  7. such lovely photos. the place looks enchanting in its age.

  8. I love everything about Malacca. Never get tired of the historical city. Visited it last Dec and the Puri Hotel is beautiful.

  9. Jean, are you like a professional photographer?

  10. BEautiful! You got great photos but the macarons are distracting me! I love macarons and am trying to perfect them :)


  11. Very beautiful details of the hotel. I would love to stay at a cozy place like this. Have a blessed week, dear :)

  12. Nice shots as usual! ;D
    There are tonnes of neat stuff in historical cities, thats one of the reasons I never get tired of em 8)


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