Saturday, March 26, 2011

Interior & Exterior of Istana Hotel, KL

5-Star Hotel

Artistic reddy-yellow permanent stick-on carpets.

No more ready-made no-smoking plate sign, craved ones are now the in-thing.

From science laboratories to lighting industries - those fragile little glass rods.

Soothing sound of fountains lingering on both sides of my eardrums.

Flowers no longer grow on shoots; they grow on water with flame as their primary source of light.

Grand lighting always impressed me but they're way energy-consuming it makes me think quadruple to even own one myself.

The one at home never grew taller nor curvier even when those colourful spongy balls kept inflated with H2O.

Self-made lantern with colourful non-opaque plastics, that's what I could muse of.

The best creation ever. Lights that illuminate our nights.

Enormous bouquet of sex organs on display.

Old gnirob table deco.

There's no whatever-man but look up and you'll be amazed!

Malaysia ain't the most lantern country but at least we see it everywhere we go during CNY.

When pots are as proud as peacocks.

Advanced creation, the halved 3D item.

Istana Hotel Kuala Lumpur City Centre
 73, Jalan Raja Chulan,
50200 Kuala Lumpur.

T: 603 2141 9988
 F: 603 2144 0111


  1. What great photos, you should send your link to the Istana hotel. May be they will invite you to high tea.

    I did have one of my post of my Sky City tower noticed by them, they told me they were going to post it in their company's website. Rather nice, though it could have been nicer if it invited me to their high tea. LOL

    That photo with the glass cylinder of the long stem, is that the Kwan Yin bamboo? I had one similar, but was in a glass long vase. so my stems were not straight.

    Thanks for visiting.

  2. HI there :)

    thanks for dropping by. nice photos you've got here

  3. Some nice photos you have taken! Love the fountain...looks really soothing and relaxing.

  4. Beautiful set of photos. It looks like a lovely hotel. Wishing you a great Earth Hour :)

  5. Awesome pics Jean! Or macaroons? =P
    So you won't be updating the other blog right?

  6. Let there be light..nice pixz

  7. the glasses looked like chopstick :D they're beautiful design :D lovely!!

  8. wow i love that picture of the floating flowers! great blog!:)

  9. Love your photo shoots! Nicely taken!~


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