Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball @ Chop Chung Wah

The first tourist spot before the entrance to Jonker Street.

The long queue at 12.30pm.
Affable much, the posers.

The name of the restaurant.

And the balls that it is famous for.

The price-listing, no discount eh?

Full house.

The secret recipe. Ouch!

Poor carcass.

His knife can definitely be his weapon, too.

Whole chicken which costs MYR28.

Freshly made chicken rice balls in a basket.

Each ball costs MYR0.30. 5 balls are equivalent to one bowl of rice.

Good add to your succulent chicken and rice balls.

And finally, spend MYR1.10 for a cup of ice or warm lime juice to flush down those balls.

Never mind my 30 minutes. Worth queuing up to savour the authentic taste of Malacca chicken rice ball although they are mere smashed rice. Unless we try making them ourselves, we don't get to eat balls of rice daily, do we? And the lime juice is totally a must!

Kedai Chop Chung Wah
18, Jalan Hang Jebat,
75200 Melaka.

Daily: 8.30am-3.00pm/4.00pm


  1. Owh I'm actually attracted by the macaroons at the

  2. You went there during public holiday / weekends? The Q is super long...............

    I love this shop chicken's rice ball....... Every time I went malacca, sure wanna eat this..

  3. Hello Jean, I love chicken rice balls. Can easily eat them on their own, yummy yum yum.

    I only been to Malacca once, but missed trying those out.

  4. Hi Jean, thanks for visitation to my blog.

    Hehe, I never tasted chicken rice ball before. I should try it as I am big fan of chicken rice.

  5. Jean, what a nice description of the restaurant, the chicken must be really good there! Beautiful pictures!
    Have a pleasant day :-)

  6. it's an interesting dish the 1st few times, but seriously, don't you think it's over-rated?

  7. yum yum :) no wonder so many people q_ing up outside :)

  8. new blog?

  9. Hi Jean,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog again. It's a surprised to see you following my boring blog. Hahaha!

    I have not been to Melaka for a long...........time. I think the last time was in 1999. And guess what? I have tried the rice balls. Super delicious! I wish they sell it here in Kuching.

  10. The last time I was there, saw the long queue.....gave up kids with me, so cannot wait lorr!

  11. What a coincident, my son just got back from Malacca today and I am now reading about the food he was telling me just now lol!

  12. I wish to eat this chicken rice for a long time! I am waiting for it for 5 years like that already. Still haven't chance to eat it.

  13. No doubt Chung Wah chinese rice ball is my prefer choice whenever i'm in Malacca. But when i see the queue, i will go for others choice of food.

    So how long you need to queue to get the food?

  14. Oh I recognize this place. The last time I was in Malacca was just last December and I saw long queues forming at the shop but didn't get to try out the food.

    I am a Hainanese. I must try out the chicken rice the next time I visit.

    I love Malacca.

  15. I try to perfect this since my hubby's blood is half Singaporean...might as well learn...


  16. Hmmm that long line proves how Yummy the food they serve there :D

  17. that chicken looks very yummy!

  18. Look at the queue - it's so popular! And the chicken and chicken ball looks yummylicious. The spoonful of freshly-chopped chilli does it for me! I wouldn't mine queuing knowing what I'll have afterwards :)

    Happy Friday!

    We Ate This!

  19. i thought that the chicken balls were very interesting, and the sauce, too.

    thanks for commenting at my other ftf post:)

  20. >< i love the chicken rice ball there so much TT u made me hungry now ady!!>< TT I WAN TO GO MALACCA nowww><

  21. wow, this chicken must be very tasty to have all these customers queuing. very interesting shots.

  22. The chicken rice looks nice but if its me... I will be too lazy to queue up. lol

  23. Looks like what they are serving is real good because the people did not mind the discomfort of queuing in the heat of the sun. =)

    Thank you for dropping by my entry and the comment.

    Happy weekend!


  24. i like your site, very colorful!
    i only know hainanese in pao tsin where they serve along with fried shark fin..


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